Stop Making these Poker Mistakes if you want to Ace your Game
Stop Making these Poker Mistakes if you want to Ace your Game
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Stop making poker mistakes if you want to ace your game

"Every time the action is on you it is your opportunity to make the best possible decision." - Phil Galfond

Whether you are a novice or an experienced grinder, AceHigh Poker, the best poker app in India, has something for every poker enthusiast out there! Poker is a game of skill, chance, and luck which often invites mistakes in the due process of progress, which even experienced players make all the time. Whether you are new to the game or just looking for ways to improve your skills, avoid making these mistakes to prevent a few glitches along your breakthrough journey. We offer something to every player on our platform. Whether you're looking to learn regular tournament skills, boost your mindset, or reignite your career through live cash games-there is something at AceHigh for you.

Randomising Is Costing You Money

randomising is costing you money

Randomizing in almost any situation, especially at low-medium stakes, is simply not a good idea. To decide whether to call or fold by flipping a coin is downright lazy. Putting your hands up in the air is a great way to let a randomizer do the work. 

There is a great deal of value in understanding GTO - Game Theory Optimal because 20%-30% of your profits will come from it. In most cases, however, 60-70% of your winnings will come from exploiting your opponents and deviating from a GTO strategy in the most appropriate way. How to ace your game? Strategize, study, practice. In other words, not by randomization.

AceHigh Poker offers an extensive library of interactive training spots covering pre-flop, post-flop, GTO, and exploratory strategies. Become familiar with in-game scenarios and learn poker game rules so you can apply them at the table with ease!

Playing Too Many Suited Junks

playing too many suited junks
  • Hands with suited fingers don't make flushes as often as you might expect. It is possible that even if they do, they might end up costing you far more than they are worth. Junk is still junk, regardless of how well it is suited.
  • Furthermore, even if you are lucky enough to flop a flush or a flush draw, your opponent may have an even stronger flush, so you could lose a large pot if you play suited junk. Never underestimate your opponent’s gameplay strategy. 
  • The strength of suited hands is still higher than that of unsuited hands. Aces and connectors can still be played with a positive outcome.

Change Your Gameplay

change your gameplay

You play regularly and make mistakes in order to learn how to not make mistakes. In the poker world, there are dozens of strategies to choose from. Playing the odds is the only thing some players care about. Others rely heavily on bluffs. It is not uncommon for some players to play many hands and be loose. There are also those who play a tighter game and fold when they feel outmatched. Beginners often make the mistake of choosing a single style of playing and sticking with it. 

Playing the same online poker strategy over and over in a loop will only diminish your game in the longer run. Also, remember that one single approach doesn’t work on all the variations. 

  • For instance, a player may prefer tight-conservative gameplay and play that way all the time. It is problematic to stick to one style of play for two reasons:
  • In different circumstances - and against different opponents - different strategies will be more effective. The key to success is to be fluid in your playing style.
  • You become predictable when you play the same way over and over again. You may be mistaken if you believe that players do not evaluate your playing style.

Importance Of Heads-Up Displays (Huds)

A heads-up display or 'HUD' is a tool that every online poker player uses to get the most out of their data. Using a HUD app, you can see other players' performance and style of play based on their past performance. By revealing how your opponent is likely to play, a heads-up display can assist you in making the best decision possible.

However, there are risks associated with the use of HUDs. Most players make the mistake of relying on insufficient sample sizes when making decisions. Stats can be misleading if they are based on a small sample of the player's hands. In other words, a HUD can inform your decisions, but it shouldn't dictate them. Make your decisions based on your instincts and your understanding of each player's style, then use the data to guide you.

Avoid All-Ins Without Value

It is common for novice players to call raises too many times and as a result, they lose money much faster. During the pre-flop, one of the most common examples of raising without value is when there is no value. The standard response to an opponent raising should be to fold, which is a good practice to learn.

Avoid Playing Too Many Tables Simultaneously

A growing number of tables you play at will result in a diminished level of quality in your game plan. In addition, playing at multiple tables simultaneously will only increase your confusion levels, and if you have any negative characteristics in your game- they will be multiplied across all tables. A quality-first approach is always better when playing poker than a quantity-first approach.

Learning To Control Tilt

When you play poker, you may experience stress that can cause you to tilt, even if you are one of the most composed players there is. As a result of tilt, players are unable to think clearly, resulting in poor play. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. Maintain a level head.

The simple solution is to step away from the table and get some air for 10 minutes when you feel you aren't in the right frame of mind. The freshness and energy you'll have when you get back will make you a better player.

Do Not Skip Or Ignore Promotions, Offers, or Incentives

offers or incentives

A common poker mistake you can easily avoid! It is common for poker rooms to offer new players bonuses that can help them build their bankrolls. You should seek out all the top bonus offers and take advantage of them to the fullest extent possible.
Depending on the offer, you may even be able to double your bankroll. The release of bonuses, however, is subject to the amount of play required!

Paying attention to what's happening at the table and adapting your strategy accordingly can help you avoid most of these pitfalls. There are some mistakes that are more difficult to spot than others, but taking care not to make them too often will lead to big improvements in your game.

Summary pointers;

In order to learn from a mistake, you must:

  • Embrace the error
  • Acknowledge that a mistake has been made and accept responsibility
  • Determine what would have been a better move
  • Determine why that is the best course of action
  • Put it into practice.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Limiting the stakes in games that are unaffordable
  • Limiting the number of hands called
  • Play hands in accordance with your position
  • Calling raises and all-ins without value is never a good idea
  • Keep your bluffs to a minimum
  • Having several tables open at once is not recommended - especially as a beginner
  • Distract yourself from external stimuli

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