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At, we constantly make efforts to offer you the utmost safe, secure, and authentic sphere to play. It is our topmost priority to safeguard any information that you provide to us as a subscriber. We assure you that as a responsible gaming platform, we shall not disseminate, sell, rent, or trade your name, email address, or any other personal information given on this site or any information that you share with us for the usage of this website to any third party, except as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.


In order to start playing with you may have to provide us with some of your basic information including your Username, Password, and a Valid Email address.

Apart from this, Acehigh poker collects some more information for those who wish to play any cash games or tournaments organized by us. The information includes the Name, Date of Birth, Contact number, Contact/Postal Address, PAN number (as applicable) of the participant.

When you go through our website, some information such as the IP address of your computer, the date, time or duration of your visit to the site, browser type and language, website address which might be used by you to link to may get automatically recorded and stored.

During your visit to, some cookies may be left on your device. These cookies are small text files that uniquely identify your browser and may be used for security purposes, game management, and authentication. Acehigh poker may use the cookies assigned by its server to personalize your gaming experience on


Your registration through your email address with Acehigh poker is the approval to receive email communication from Acehigh poker, special authorized entities of Acehigh poker, and other users. In addition to this, you also give permissions to Acehigh poker to send emails on your behalf to the person whom you are referring to us under our referral program. You also acknowledge that the receiver will receive the email with email headers that will carry your email address as the sender’s address

In order to analyze the website traffic and to collect statistics used for the purpose of advertising and determining the popularity and efficacy of Acehigh poker among others, we may also use certain software applications

Acehigh poker does not guarantee any security of the data transmitted over the internet that is naturally exposed to a number of threats or security risks, as an example, it might include any email or chat that can be compromised and used by others.

Your login information security is your responsibility. Acehigh poker does not stand responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your login details such as your username and password that is only known to the user, which means that you are solely responsible for any activity which is undertaken, in case your password is being used by someone. Therefore, we advise you not to divulge your password to anyone. If you suspect any unknown activity in your account, then you should inform us immediately.

While going through our website, you may find links to other websites which are not governed by our terms of the privacy policy. So, whenever you follow a link outside, it is advisable to go through and understand the privacy policy of such websites, as we do not exercise any control over them.

It is the policy of Acehigh poker not to share any personal information with anyone except to our specially authorized entities which may involve certain advertisers and sponsors. However, your name, Login ID, and your state from where you are playing/participating might be used by Acehigh poker, while announcing the results of any contests run by us on the website. For such contests, we specially design the Terms and Conditions that govern the contests and publish the same on the website as and when such contests are run on the website.

As a responsible service provider, Acehigh poker analyses its traffic on the website. For that, it conducts surveys and periodic analysis which also helps it with the advertising purposes and market research of the company. Hence, Acehigh poker reserves the right to share your registration details with certain appointed advertising and market research firms or companies whenever asked by them for the said purposes. For auditing, improvement in services provided and other analysis purposes, we may also use your cumulative non-personal information.

In addition to this, Acehigh may also share personally identifiable data in case sharing of such data is essential to prevent any fraud, or to comply with the governmental request or legal procedures or to enforce the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, or for the issues of information security, or to safeguard the rights of Acehigh poker, general public or your rights.


In case, we become insolvent or file for bankruptcy, or amalgamate with a third party, or took-over by a third party, sell, rent all or parts of our assets, or transfer considerably all or part of our assets to a third party, then, we are authorized to share the personal information and other data you have given through the services to prospective and succeeding business and amalgamated partners.


For the Protection of children, our website makes sure that no person who is under the age of eighteen (18) is entitled to access the services offered by us. If a person who joins us is eighteen (18) years or above, it is our policy to unveil the services which may require us to verify the person’s personal information by getting access to that. If ever we come to know that a minor has attempted or has shared personal information through the services, then we do not accept the information provided and take necessary actions to remove such information secretly from our records.


By registering with our website, it is acknowledged that you have given your consent to us for information collection and use by and its partners and associates.

Acehighoker uses third-party electronic payment gateways and/or financial organizations (ESPs) to carry out the financial transactions that are related to the real money games played by you with us. By accepting our Privacy policy, you willingly agree to share your personal information that is necessary for the processing of transactions of the money you sent to us to play real money games and the money received from us for the same, with those ESPs. On our part, we take necessary measures to ensure the safety of your privacy with ESPs.

In order to validate your identity, the provided registration data, your age, your financial transactions with us, and use of the services offered by us, we reserve the right to carry out time to time security reviews to check the potential breach of Our Terms of Use and of applicable law. By registering with us, you give your consent to us, our team, associates, agents, and suppliers for the disclosure of your personal information to third parties for the purpose of performing the functions described in the section.

By providing your contact details (mobile number) on our website, you give your consent to AceHigh Pvt. Ltd. to share any sort of information related to promotional events/activities conducted by with you through Call/SMS. We assure you that your contact details (mobile number) will not be used for any third-party communication or any other purpose.


In order to maintain a fair-play environment, our software package involves some features that are specially designed to check the use of unfair means or practices like the use of automated programs/ software that enable artificial (non-human/ robot) intelligence to play on our website.

The use of such ‘bot’ software/programs leads to the violation of Our Terms and Conditions of Use and is also considered to be deleterious to other players on the website. By registering with us and using our services, you authorize us to perform the functions described in this section. To ensure a defraud environment, we may perform any or all of the following functions anytime to detect the use of illegal automated programs.

  1. Scan your list of active processes while you are using the services;
  2. Scan your list of active software applications while you are using the services; and
  3. Scan the files in your services and site-related program folders to make sure that only ‘non hacked versions of our software are being used. Our software may scan the files related to the suspect application or process and compile a composite mesh (i.e., a profile that features the files associated with the application or process) to be matched against profiles for known illegal automated programs. Our software will not perform the following functions:
  • It will not transmit any information other than provided by you to any third-party or to us, and;
  • It will not transmit any information to Us or to any third party other than the information you provide to us.