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Anti-Collusion & Chip Dumping

Anti-Collusion & Chip Dumping

In order to eliminate any fraudulent activity, we have added technical restraints to make sure that no player can obtain an advantage in the game through anything but their own skill and abilities. 

To eradicate unethical measures of gameplay such as; but not limited to - collusion, chip dumping, multi-accounting and ghosting, we have added the following security measures;

KYC VERIFICATION: KYC verification will explicitly prohibit having more than one account. Our KYC registration procedure is directly linked with the Government verification protocols which eradicate new customers by using stolen data, fake identities, or IDs forged from original documents. So forth helping our company ensure the users’ identity as genuine individuals with the advanced KYC authentication solutions.

The practice of multi-accounting has caused many platforms to experience issues since unscrupulous players can easily enrich themselves with certain resources. The prevention of multiple accounts requires a flexible-safe-secure verification, as to keep honest users satisfied, while fraudsters and other hunters for bonuses are kept away.

We have developed an integrity technology policy that understands the specifics of our platform in order to offer customised fraud detection solutions.

ITECH LABS VERIFIED: Our software has received certification from the ITECH Labs to ensure the fairness of our developed software.

It is programmed to also automatically flag the detected corrupt hands whilst/after the game especially a suspected irrational play between the two players when they are heads-up, or An attempt to tilt an opponent by deliberately slowrolling.

The database is automatically scanned with complex algorithms that search for any signs of methodological attempt for unfair advantage. The software will alarm the staff, when a compromised hand is spotted, as to manually review the action.

IP-GPS Protection

IP-GPS Protection

IP ADDRESS DETECTION: A crucial resource that provides the basic requirements for IP network communication. With a committed IP Address, the space of the player can be restricted, thereby, making sure that more than one player is not seated at the table sharing the same IP address. By doing so, no subnet will be underutilized or overutilized and no resource will be exhausted. With an IP scanner, we can address space requirements in advance with comprehensive IP-specific reports that can be used to analyze the pattern of utilization of the IP address space.

GPS INSTALLATION: A GPS receiver takes information from satellites and uses triangulation to determine a user's location. This will help our software to bypass VPN and eliminate any attempt of players in the same location being seated at the same table. Server location will enable security protocols aligning with our privacy protection policy.

Bot Detection Team

Boat Detection Team

AceHigh Poker has created a system to detect any automated poker program run by a computer without human oversight. With bots, one can play on and on indefinitely, making money over the long haul, thereby, resulting in unfair gameplay. Our system is developed to distinguish between human-and-bot generated traffic.

Just like our Security Squad, AceHigh Poker has a dedicated team whose sole job is to combat bots and AI. The resolution of the advanced system is to analyze patterns and anomalies across millions of hands.

Our operators will ban these jeopardised accounts, confiscate funds if it’s determined an account made use of a bot. Using bots to play is banned from all online poker sites, and we at AceHigh Poker takes any use of banned software very seriously.

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AceHigh Poker has created a platform to prioritise our players’ safety and security first. The security implications of the players requirement are based on the risk value and the decision is made solely to address the security of this requirement.

A system in place is set to limit the minimum amount of a player’s buy-in for any game they join in the next 30 minutes of their big win. The stack shall be at least or in addition to the winnings of the previous session.