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Our purpose at AceHigh Poker is to run the fair game!

We have developed a platform to create a verified space for providing a fair and honest game. It is counterproductive and detrimental for our business to give players any sort of unfair advantage. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unfair gameplay and will take all appropriate measures and/or actions against users/accounts engaging in such game manipulation or illegal activity.

How we use your information

  • We use the information we collect in various ways, including:
  • Provide, operate, and maintain our website
  • Improve, personalize, and expand our website
  • Understand and analyze how you use our website
  • Develop new products, services, features, and functionality
  • Communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, including for customer service, to provide you with updates and other information relating to the website, and for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Send you emails
  • Find and prevent fraud


  • Company’s website www.acehighpoker.net, from here on is referred to as the 'website'.
  • These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) set forth the general terms and conditions of your use of the acehighpoker.net website (“Website”), and any of their related products and services (collectively, “Services”). This Agreement is legally binding between you (“User”, “you” or “your”) and this Website operator and Application developer (“Operator”, “we”, “us” or “our”). ‘You’ shall mean the person using the Website and/or the products and services offered by the Company on the Website, from here on will be referred as 'you', 'your', 'user' or 'player'. If you do not have such authority, or if you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, you must not accept this agreement and may not access and use the Services. By accessing and using the Services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. You acknowledge that this Agreement is a contract between you and the Company and it governs your use of the Services. 
  • The terms of services, products or information and their usage set out herein and those incorporated herein by reference, shall from here on be collectively referred to as 'Terms and conditions’.
  • ‘Rake’ shall mean a percentage of the pot money placed by you/user that is deducted by the Company as a fee towards the use of the products and services offered on the Website. The percentage deducted shall vary based on the amount of money placed by a player in the pot. Such percentage shall be determined at the sole discretion of the Company.
  • ‘Rake back’ shall mean a percentage of the Rake given to an Affiliate/user as an incentive.

Intellectual property rights

  • “Intellectual Property Rights” means all present and future rights conferred by statute, common law or equity in or in relation to any copyright and related rights, trademarks, designs, patents, inventions, goodwill and the right to sue for passing off, rights to inventions, rights to use, and all other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered and including all applications and rights to apply for and be granted, rights to claim priority from, such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection and any other results of intellectual activity which subsist or will subsist now or in the future in any part of the world. This Agreement does not transfer to you any intellectual property owned by the Operator or third parties, and all rights, titles, and interests in and to such property will remain (as between the parties) solely with the Operator. All trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with the Services, are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Operator or its licensors. Other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with the Services may be the trademarks of other third parties. Your use of the Services grants you no right or license to reproduce or otherwise use any of the Operator or third-party trademarks.



We reserve the right to amend, modify, update and change any of the terms and conditions of the User Agreement from time to time and we will notify you of any such amendment, modification or change by publishing the new version of the User Agreement on the relevant page. It remains your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the correct, current terms and conditions of the User Agreement and we advise you to check for updates on a regular basis.


In the event that the User violates the Terms of Use, the company may ban and blacklist the User, forfeit the User's funds and block the User's account, as well as take legal action against the User. Users must therefore read, understand, and comply with the Terms of Use.


In the event you do not agree to any of the terms of the User Agreement, you should stop using the website and remove the program from your computer and/or other applicable devices.

Representations and Undertakings

In consideration of the rights granted to you to use the Services, you represent, warrant, covenant and affirm that:

  • You are of Legal Age i.e. 18 years as per the governing law, as defined in the User Agreement, you are of sound mind and you are capable of taking responsibility for your own actions.
  • All details provided by you to the Company either during the registration process or at any time thereafter, including as part of any payment deposit transaction and/or with regards to your occupation details are true, current, correct and complete and match the name(s) on the credit/debit card(s) or other payment accounts to be used to deposit or receive funds in your account. In addition to the aforementioned, if you use a credit/debit card or any other form of payment not in your name, we will presume that you have obtained the consent for the use of such payment instrument from the owner and/or named party prior to engaging with us. We shall not be obligated in any manner to examine such consent and shall bear no responsibility with respect to your representations hereunder.
  • Any changes to the information you have provided us previously, including but not limited to your source of funds, financial status, occupation, and other similar information, will be promptly reported to us by you. As needed, you may be asked to provide us with certain documents to verify the details of the credit card used to deposit money into your account. Unless otherwise noted, any information that you provide to us that is untrue, inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise incomplete will constitute a breach of contract and we will be entitled to terminate your account immediately as well as prevent you from using the Platform or the Services, in addition to any other option we may choose.
  • Your account with the Company is for your exclusive use. In addition, you are fully responsible for any actions taken on your account by any third party. A third party may not use your account, password, or identity to access or use the Services or the System. You will not reveal your account username or password to any person and you shall take all steps to ensure that such details are not revealed to any person. You shall inform us immediately if you suspect that your account is being misused by a third party and/or any third party has access to your account username or password so that we may investigate such matter, and you will cooperate with us, as we may request, in the course of such investigation.
  • You are responsible for the security of your username and password on your own PC/Mobile/Laptop or internet access location. If this username password combination is “hacked” from your system, due to any viruses or malware that is present on the computer that you access your account, this is your responsibility. Any possible hacking attempts or security breaches should be reported immediately to the Company.
  • As a user of the Services, you have verified and determined that your use does not violate any laws or regulations of any jurisdiction where you reside.
  • You fully understand the methods, rules and procedures of the Services and Internet gaming in general. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure the details of the games are correct. In no event will you act in a way that harms the reputation of the Company.
  • By using the Services, you understand that there is a likelihood that you may lose money, and you are fully responsible for any losses that may result from using the Services. You agree that your use of the Services is at your sole option, discretion and risk. In relation to your gaming money losses, you shall have no claims whatsoever against the Company or its respective directors, officers or employees.
  • You acknowledge that the Website includes features provided by third parties which may be installed on your device as part of the Platform and which may be automatically updated from time to time. Amongst others, such features may access your hand history which is stored on your own device, for the purpose of providing you with certain promotions and notifications. 
  • Use of the Website, Services, and Applications must be done in accordance with the User Agreement, as amended from time to time, and you will follow all instructions for playing games that comprise the Services.
  • You are solely responsible for recording, paying and accounting to any relevant government, taxation or other authority for any tax or other levy that may be payable on any winnings paid to you.
  • You acknowledge and agree that the Company may seek to publish the amounts you have won alongside your username and profile picture on the Website including without limitation for promotional purposes. Certain games may also require the display of your username, profile picture and the amounts that you have won or points you have accumulated to function properly. It is your understanding that we may use your username, profile picture, and winnings as part of such in-game functionality without further consent on your part.
  • The provision of telecommunications networks and Internet access services and any consents and permissions in connection with your use of the Services are under your sole responsibility.
  • You shall use the Services and the Platform only in good faith towards both the Company and other players using the Services. You agree that the Company has the right, in the event that it has a reasonable suspicion that you have been using the Services or Platform in bad faith, to terminate your account with the Services and any other accounts you may have with the Company and retain all monies therein. You hereby expressly waive any future claims against the Company in such regard.
  • You acknowledge that when it comes to peer-to-peer gaming, there may be technical factors that cause you to be at a disadvantage as compared to other players, including slower network speeds or slower devices. You shall not hold the Company responsible for any losses that might have occurred due to technical failures, server crashes, breakdowns, software defects, disruption or malfunction of service or due to any other reason.

  • You shall not engage in any screen scraping, web scraping or otherwise collecting or extracting (manually or via automated processes) third party data from the Sites for any purpose.
  • As per the applicable laws in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Odhisa, Sikkim, Telengana, Meghalaya, Tamil Nadu, and  Nagaland, the use of services that involve games of skill played with real money may prohibit a player from using the services offered on our website.

Your Account and Maintenance

  • You acknowledge that your account is for your sole personal use only and shall not be used for any professional, business or commercial purpose.
  • We take no responsibility for any third-party access to your account and under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any losses incurred by you as a result of misuse of your password by any person or for any unauthorized access to your account and all transactions where your user name and password have been entered correctly will be regarded as valid, whether or not authorized by you.
  • Monetary assets held in your account shall not attract any interest.
  • If you do not log in to your account for a consecutive period of 365 days, your account will be considered an “inoperative account". Any positive cashable balance in an inactive account may be removed by us. Before any positive balance is transferred out of an inactive account, we will use reasonable efforts to notify you via the most current contact details you provided to us. However, you can at any time contact us to request access to any positive balance in your account before the account became an inoperative account. Following your request and subject to verifying your identity, we will promptly consider any such request and we will restore access to your account and such positive balance where we are reasonably able to do so, or if we are not reasonably able to restore access to your account, we will refund the positive balance directly to you.
  • Any positive balance in your account may be offset by any amount owed to us by you at any time. 
  • We may charge you a non-refundable fee in relation to any bet or deposit you make and/or win you receive. You agree that we may identify your location for purpose of imposing such fees utilizing such means as we determine in our sole discretion, including registration and/or internet protocol (IP) address, our records shall solely determine your location and you shall not be entitled to a refund of any fee charged to you in relation to such. In addition, you acknowledge that we may update the fees associated with bets, deposits, and/or wins from time to time and that any modified versions will take effect after they are published on the applicable Website.
  • As well as possessing the right to restrict your account including without limitation, restricting the amount you may deposit into the account, we reserve the right to limit or refuse any bet, stake or other wager made by you or through your account.
  • The Platform may not display all of your past gaming activity information online when a third-party application interface is used.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this Agreement, we encourage you to contact us using the details below: support@acehighpoker.net

Payment Transactions and Payment Fraud

  • The user of the Service is fully responsible for paying all amounts owed to the Company. You agree that you will not make or attempt to make any charge-backs, and/or deny or reverse any payment that you have made and you hereby agree that you will reimburse the Company for any charge-backs, denial or reversal of payments you make and any loss suffered by the Company as a consequence thereof. The Company may, at its sole discretion, cease to provide the Services or withhold payment to certain users or to users paying with certain credit cards.
  • We reserve the right to use third-party electronic payment processors and/or financial institutions to process payments made by and to you in connection with your use of the Services. Accordingly, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of such third party electronic payment processors and/or financial institutions as long as they do not conflict with the User Agreement.
  • In the case we have reasonable suspicion that a fraudulent payment is being made or received, including the use of stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to block or terminate a user's account, reverse any pay-out made, and recover any winnings. In no event shall the Company be liable for any unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless of whether the cards were reported stolen.
  • If the Company determines that you have cheated or attempted to cheat the Games, the Platform, the Company, other Users, or any person or entity connected to the Platform in any way, including but not limited to game manipulation or payment fraud, or if you have made false and/or malicious remarks about the Company's operation in any media or forum, the Company reserves the right (and you authorize the Company to publicise your actions jointly) to take any of the aforementioned actions. The Company or the Platform may close any accounts, and forfeit any winnings or bonus amounts that may be due to you and/or block any User Account balance amounts, that you have at any Company website, and/or business. The Company may also engage the services of debt collection agencies to recover from you the amount of any disputed transactions or chargebacks, administration and recovery fees, and other associated credit card processing fees or fines.
  • We reserve the right to charge you fees for handling your deposits and withdrawals to and from your account as may be detailed in the "Wallet" from time to time.
  • The Company may, at its sole discretion, block or terminate a user's account with the Company if it has reasonable suspicion that the user has been taking unfair advantage of the Company's welcome bonuses or has committed any other act in bad faith with respect to a bonus promotion offered on any of the Company's Sites, and in such circumstance, the Company shall not return any funds to your account.
  • If we have reasonable suspicion that an account or group of accounts are operating systematically – the Company shall have the right to block or terminate all accounts and in such circumstances, the Company shall be under no obligation to refund to you any funds that may be in your account.

Obligations of the Company

  • The Company has no obligation to check whether users are using the Services in accordance with the User Agreement, as updated from time to time.
  • Under no circumstances shall the Company be obligated to investigate or pursue any complaints made by a player against any other player using the Services or to take any other action in connection therewith, or take any action against a player for any reason, including without limitation for violating the terms of the User Agreement. In its sole discretion, the Company may take appropriate action against any person it suspects of engaging in any unlawful behavior or otherwise violating the User Agreement, but it is not required to do so.
  • The Company has no obligation to maintain account names or passwords. If you misplace, forget or lose your account name or password because of anything other than the Company's negligence, the Company shall not be liable.

Limitations of Liability

  • You agree that you are free to choose whether to use the Services and do so at your sole option, discretion and risk.
  • You confirm that the Company shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to, suspension of or discontinuance of the Platform or the Services.
  • Nothing in the User Agreement will operate so as to exclude any liability of the Company for death or personal injury that is caused by the Company's negligence.

Dispute Resolution

  • You can also report the issue from the game table by expanding the Dealer Chatbox and selecting ‘Report Issue’. You hereby undertake to raise such claims or disputes with the customer service department at support@acehighpoker.net and provide all the relevant information or evidence that the Company reasonably requires to review your claim or dispute.
  • The Company’s support team will review your claim and provide you with its decision at the earliest.

Feature Regulations

As part of your use of the Service, the Company may provide you with a chat facility via which you will be able to communicate with other users of the Service. The Company reserves the right to review the chat and to keep a record of all statements made on such facility. Your use of the chat facility is subject to the following rules:

  • You shall not make any statements that are sexually explicit or grossly offensive, including expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred or profanity.
  • You shall not make statements that are abusive, defamatory or harassing or insulting to other users of the Service.
  • You shall not make statements that advertise, promote or otherwise relate to any other online entities.
  • You shall not make statements about the Company or the Sites or any other Internet site connected to the Company that are untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging to the Company.

In the event of your breaching any of the above provisions relating to the chat facility, the Company shall have the right to remove your chat privilege or even temporarily or permanently terminate your account. Upon such termination, the Company shall refund to you any funds which may be in your account over and above any amount which may be owing to the Company at such time (if any).

PLEASE NOTE: When using the chat facility any personally identifiable information that you submit, can be read, collected, or used by other users of the same chat facility and could be used by third parties to send you unsolicited messages. The Company is not and shall not be responsible for the personally identifiable information that you choose to submit via the chat facility.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • The minimum recommended specifications for the download version are: Android & IOS
  • Please note that we may discontinue support for outdated versions of the abovementioned hardware or software at our sole discretion.

Prohibited uses

In addition to other terms as set forth in the Agreement, you are prohibited from using the Services or Content: (a) for any unlawful purpose; (b) to solicit others to perform or participate in any unlawful acts; (c) to violate any international, federal, provincial or state regulations, rules, laws, or local ordinances; (d) to infringe upon or violate our intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of others; (e) to harass, abuse, insult, harm, defame, slander, disparage, intimidate, or discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin, or disability; (f) to submit false or misleading information; (g) to upload or transmit viruses or any other type of malicious code that will or may be used in any way that will affect the functionality or operation of the Services, third party products and services, or the Internet; (h) to spam, phish, pharm, pretext, spider, crawl, or scrape; (i) for any obscene or immoral purpose; or (j) to interfere with or circumvent the security features of the Services, third party products and services, or the Internet. We reserve the right to terminate your use of the Services for violating any of the prohibited uses.

Governing Law

The User Agreement and the agreement between the parties shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the Indian Laws and you irrevocably submit, for the benefit of the Company, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi to settle any disputes (including claims for set off and counterclaims) which may arise in connection with the creation, validity, effect, interpretation or performance of, or the legal relationships established by, the User Agreement or otherwise arising in connection with the User Agreement.

The formation, interpretation, and performance of this Agreement and any disputes arising out of it shall be governed by the substantive and procedural laws of Delhi, India without regard to its rules on conflicts or choice of law and, to the extent applicable, the laws of India. The exclusive jurisdiction and venue for actions related to the subject matter hereof shall be the courts located in Delhi, India, and you hereby submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts.


You hereby acknowledge that all bets placed by you in relation to multi-player poker games are bets placed with other users and not bets placed with or against the Company. The Company does not assume any risk whatsoever for bets placed between you and any other user of the Service. The Company does not under any circumstances either place or accept bets itself.

You understand and agree that all of our multi-player poker games are public and therefore may be reviewed and published by other players, either at the time of the game or thereafter.
We provide multi-player poker games so as to provide a platform for users to play poker and bet with each other using the Platform. In consideration of this service we charge either:

1. A commission (known as a rake) which is calculated in accordance with the House Rules; or

2. A percentage of the "buy-in" fee for tournaments.

Representations & Undertakings

There may be applicable penalties imposed on such users by the respective state governments or the central government of India as the case maybe. Our company and its website doesn’t accept membership request from people who are residing in these states and if a user residing in such state becomes a member of the site by giving false information, the liability will be solely on the user and the company reserves the right to terminate the users membership without any notice and confiscate all his deposit and winnings as the case might be. You accept that acehighpoker.net or Acehigh Private Limited will not be liable to take any responsibility for the breach of the user of applicable state laws. Users from all state have to always ensure that they are following the applicable state laws and we will try to post any changes that we seem appropriate to better educate the users. Our decision in this regard will be final and no consideration whatsoever will be extended to the user.

Accepting the Terms of Use

You hereby, acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and will adhere to the above Terms and Conditions.