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Bad Beat Jackpot
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Bad Beat Jackpot


This is the first time losing your premium hand will be rewarding. We bring you the AceHigh Bad Beat Jackpot. Get a chance to win big on our exclusive bad beat jackpot tables. Jackpot will be automatically formed in accordance and awarded with the following considerations;  




Bad Beat Jackpot is applicable in Cash Games: NLH, AOF, 6+, & All PLO game formats.

Conditions for triggering Bad Beat Jackpots are as follows:

1. When a Jacks-Full Full House VS Quads or above occurs at showdown (aka a BadBeat), all players dealt a hand (including those who folded) will receive a share of the BadBeat Jackpot prize.

Prizes will be distributed in the following manner, Winner: Loser: Others = 30% : 50% : 20%.

If there are only the Winner and Loser, Winner: Loser = 40% : 60%.

When multiple BadBeats occur at the same time, the losing players at showdown will equally share the Loser s prize, and the Jackpot size will be decided by the strongest Loser s hand (Refer to Prize Structure)

2. Both Hole cards must be used to qualify for the jackpot. When a Full House is made, the player must hold a pocket pair of Jacks or above and hit three-of-a-kind, combined with a pair on the board, to form a qualifying Full House. When hitting Quads, the player s hole cards must be a pair.

3. In a Run-it Multi-Times scenario, only the first run can hit and is applicable to trigger a Jackpot.


Jackpot Prize = Current Jackpot Prize Pool x Hand Type Percentage x Stake Multiplier

There is a CAP of 100,000 INR for BadBeat Jackpots.


The Jackpot Fee of 1BB is taken out of the pot proportionately from players involved in the pot and who have their jackpot participation turned ON. The pot must be 20BB or above to qualify for jackpot rake to be deducted.