AceHigh Poker TDS Policy
AceHigh Poker TDS Policy
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The tax would be deducted at source (“TDS”) at the rate specified as per the Indian Income Tax Act 1961 (as amended to date) or as per any other law in force at the time being. The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that the winnings from games, tournaments, or through any other services as provided by the Website/company shall be allowed to be withdrawn only after deduction of applicable TDS.

The Acehigh Poker User also agrees to furnish a scanned copy of his/her PAN (Permanent Account Number) duly issued to him/her by the Income Tax Department, Government of India, to deduct TDS as per the rules and regulations of the government of India. The User also agrees and acknowledges that deduction of TDS by the Website does not absolve the User from his or her overall liability to pay all applicable tax on his/her winnings from all games/tournaments played on the Website during the course of the year.

The User expressly acknowledges that it remains his/her liability to calculate the total tax due to the relevant tax authorities at the end of the year and to pay any balance tax over and above any TDS that would have been paid on the User’s behalf. A Game for a user ends once he/she withdraws chips from Poker Balance to User Balance and TDS, if applicable as per the regulations, will be deducted on the winnings at that time. Partial withdrawals from the user’s Poker Balance would not be allowed.