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Tournament Rules:

  1. Tournament cannot be cancelled 60 seconds before starting

  2. If a technical glitch happens during a tournament, the players are entitled to receive reimbursement of their buy-ins. If it’s a re-entry/re-buy tournament, the players will receive a refund of their buy-ins and re-entry/re-buy.

  3. If the technical issue occurs once the tournament has reached In the Money stage, the players will receive a share of the prize pool as per the chip ratio (the amount of chips they have on the table at the time of disconnection).

  4. If the disconnection happens due to poor internet connection, the player is not entitled to any refund of the entry fee paid to join the tournament. While playing, the blinds will be deducted till the time the player has a sufficient chip stack available to play. Once the player is out of chips, he will be automatically eliminated from the tournament.

  5. All tournaments will begin promptly at the scheduled time stated in the Tournament Lobby. We reserve the right to delay or cancel a tournament without prior notice.

  6. To ensure fairplay and a secure gaming environment,we assign seats at random and no seat changes between any two players is ever allowed.The dealer button will always be positioned at seat1 as the game commences.

  7. Same IP/GPS devices cannot join same tournament.

  8. Jackpots and Promotions are not valid in tournaments.

  9. Collusion or Chip Dumping will result in 100% seizure of funds.

  10. TDS is applicable on tournament Winnings.

  11. Players may not discuss the hand or their cards until the action is over, whether they are involved in it or not. Players must always look out for each other in the tournament. It is forbidden to talk about possible hands or discarded cards. Talking about hands while playing may result in a penalty.