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Refunds Cancellations
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Your online poker account balance will be the amount that you have as any real money in your account with us. We credit any winnings to your account and debit the losses incurred from using the services, entry or other fees, previously withdrawn money by the User, or amount forfeited by us for any suspected fraud or rejection or cancellation of the transaction(s) by your or any third party bank, resulting of charge-backs, insufficient funds or any other reason. The Inactive Account Fees would also be levied if the case applies.

A cash-out request will be accepted when catered to deposit method restrictions, bonus restrictions, and/or Security Reviews. You are entitled to withdraw the amounts only within your transaction limits and levying any processing fees for withdrawal methods that we notify you of before cashing out.

Users can request a refund anytime online. With AceHigh Private Limited, the user account will be checked for any games played or bonus claims and the request will be processed within 2 weeks. The bonus amount for any bonus claims will be deducted and the balance would be refunded. A request for cancellation of any transaction would be processed within 2 weeks given the player has the balance of the transaction in his/her account.

Any amount from your winnings may be reported and withheld complying with any applicable law. It is solely your responsibility to deal with all the taxes involved with your winnings. Neither prize money nor balance can be redeemed for any other prize nor can it be transferred. When withdrawing, payment will be made to you either by cheque, wire, credit card, and/or any other manner which we select, although we will try to provide your preferences.

Although payment processing will be made as soon as possible, due to our Security Reviews, payments may be delayed and withheld with us.