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Top 10 Online Poker Winning Strategies and Tips For You!

“Strategy is choosing what not to do!” - Michael Porter

The final destination of every game is a three-letter word, which is ‘WIN’. All players compete to get the title of the ‘winner’ and of course the rewards and accolades associated with that. To reach that final point, every player works so hard. Since, it is a fact that not all participants who compete become the winner, the ones who have a well-planned road map to the winning station get success.


In a poker game, success is evaluated in monetary terms, which means your winnings are defined by the prize money you win by playing the real money online poker games. Poker is a skill game that benefits you with cash prizes and tempting rewards that ignite a player’s wish to play online poker. To win a poker game, a player needs to think poker, talk poker, love poker, and much more.

Winning in poker is not difficult if you seem to have a love for card games and you understand a variety of them. However, poker has its own set of rules and different terminology and variants than other simple card games, one can easily learn to play this fantastic game. Learning how to play poker will benefit you if you are a novice at poker, otherwise, you may end up draining all your money. The process of learning to play poker involves grasping winning poker strategies and tips that can get you to the winning station that we have talked about.

As a poker player, you must already know what to do in the game, but here we will also focus on telling you what ‘not to do’ if you want to be a professional poker player. Being armed with effective online poker tips and strategies is required when you enter the poker table-field. Using them wisely as per the game scenarios will help you unfurl the flag of your win over your opponents. Playing without a well-planned poker strategy is just like entering a Warfield empty-handed where your defeat is certain. So, why give your opponents a chance to enjoy your money? Get ready now to learn the top online poker winning strategies and grab the pot money with the royal victory in the game.

So, let’s go straight to the poker lesson on smart tips and strategies to win online poker.


"No hurry and worry, choose wisely!"

choose which starting hands to play

The very first on the list is choosing the right starting hands to play. Before proceeding to know how to make the right choice, let us know about the starting hands in poker.

As a poker enthusiast, you are very much aware of the fact that poker is a game where you need to make the best combination of five cards that are dealt to you. In Texas Holdem poker, you are dealt a total of seven cards on the felts, from which, you need to make the best possible hand with five of them.

There are five betting rounds in the game (blinds, pre-flop, flop, turn, and river) on which two hole cards are dealt before the pre-flop round, three community cards are dealt on the flop round, and the other cards are dealt subsequently on the other rounds one by one. On each betting round, a player bets according to the hands he/she makes. However, he/she may also take one of the other actions like call, check, or fold.

The hands that a player plays on the pre-flop round are known as the starting hands in poker. So, the first poker strategy says that play with the premium or good hands at the beginning of the game. Taking a chance here with low-value hands may cost you through your nose. If you are the one unlucky who is dealt with low-value hole cards then do not get afraid of folding or checking.

As an enthusiastic player, you would never want to sit back and see others play, but it should be the case if you are not having a good starting hand with you.

You can choose to play if you have any one of the following best-starting hands:

  • A-A
  • K-K
  • Q-Q
  • J-J
  • A-K suited
  • A-Q suited
  • A-J suited
  • K-Q suited
  • Pocket Pairs of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6
  • A-10
  • A-9
  • A-8

Don’t show your affection with small pairs like 3-3, 2-2. Use them on the flop to get the value. Playing more hands in late positions is the mantra to sustain in the game.

Smart Tip - Play the premium hands, check the marginal hands and fold the meager hands on the pre-flop round?


"Poker is all about actions and reactions!"

use your aggression in the game

The actions you take in the game have a direct impact on your life in the game, whereas, the reactions you give in turn to the actions of your opponents portray your strategy. A player can either take aggressive actions or react passively as per the demand of the game.

Any poker tournament or poker cash game would be more interesting and challenging when aggressive players are sitting on the table. They have the capability to identify the weak opponents and make them fold too early.

Using aggression with premium hands is good to go in kicking out the weak opponents and reducing the competition for yourself. If you know that your opponents have the tendency to fold against an aggressive player, then playing aggressively with suited connectors and small pairs can be an ultimate poker strategy.

Smart Tip- Play tight and aggressive with selective premium hands.


"Let the truth be disguised!"

bluffing to win

Sticking to what you have in an online poker game cannot help you win the pot money. If you read online tips from the poker pros, you will find them saying, “we bluff too much!” Yes, it is a fact that the best online poker guides also suggest you learn the art of bluffing.

Bluffing is an art in a poker game that can let a player own the pot money even when he/she has meager hands with him/her. In bluffing a player seeks the help of a lie to prove himself/herself true in the picture and makes others believe the same.

The advantage of bluffing in poker is that your opponents get trapped in your web and lose the spirit of playing and as a result, they fold. By this, you are good to go with fewer opponents, and your chances of winning real money online increase.

Continuation bets are a key tactic to land your bluffs and make others fool. To master the art of bluffing visit Acehigh poker guide.

Smart Tip- A timed bluff with aggression pays off well in the long haul.


"Excessive of anything is bad!"

over bluffing is not good

Bluffing is one of the key strategies to win a poker game. But if you are bluffing a lot with your marginal hands then you are heading towards your chips exhaustion which is not a smart move.

In online poker cash games, you have the chance to re-buy between hands and not during the hands. Whereas, in online poker tournaments, you cannot rebuy which means once your chips are over, you are out of the game.

In addition to this, over bluffing can also be caught by the pro players on the table and they can make you drain more chips to benefit themselves from the same. So, avoid over bluffing to not have an unhappy ending of the game.

Smart Tip- Go for Semi-bluff when having a drawing hand.


"Oh! I have got a meager hand. Should I fold?"

folding is courageous

Every player comes with the spirit of winning the pot but not all get success in that. In poker luck also plays a fairly good role in getting a good starting hand. If you are lucky enough to get a kick start then you can achieve your goal easily, but if unfortunately it’s not your day and you get a meager hand then folding is a courageous and wise step.

If you are tempted to play with meager hands then you may end up the story on a bad note with losing all the chips you have and gaining nothing in return. However, some advanced poker players dare to play smartly with such low hands by bluffing and finally making it to the pot. But it is not advisable as it involves a high amount of risk.

Smart Tip- Fold when you think you are done.


"Is Flush superior to Straight? Oops! I am confused."

good knowledge of hand rankings

1. Imagine if you are going to cook and you do not know about the spices, then how it would be? You would obviously feel helpless without having proper knowledge of the spices.

2. In poker, the hand rankings act as the spice which is the most important element of the game. One should not sit to play before learning the hand rankings because ultimately a player has to make the best hand and without knowing ‘what beats what’, he/she will be beaten by others on the table.

3. If you are a beginner then opt for the Acehigh poker guide to understand in detail all the poker hand rankings and to learn poker rules.

Smart Tip- Learn the initials of the names of the hands in order of their rank.


"Should I bet or Call?"

Calculate Poker Odds and Outs

Poker odds are the ratios of the current pot size to the cost of the call. They help you determine if the hand you are going to play would be profitable for you or not and to what extent in terms of ratio or percentage. For example, if the current pot size is $50 and the cost of the call is $25, then the pot odds will be 50:25 that is 2:1. In terms of percentage, it will be 33.33%. To calculate the percentage, add 50 and 25 and divide the cost of the call (25) by their sum(75).Confused about which hands to bet and which hands to call? Just make it simple by calculating the poker outs and odds. Poker outs are the unknown cards in the deck that can improve one’s hand if dealt. They help you know how many chances you have of getting a drawing hand that can take you closer to winning. Calculating poker outs and then evaluating the strength of the hand with the help of poker odds that direct you in taking the right decision.

This calculation is very easy and should be done by every poker player before taking any action which he/she is not very confident about. So, having a deep understanding of calculating poker outs and odds is the fundamental online poker strategy.

Smart Tip- Bet the value hands and call the drawing hands.


"I am the first one to act, what to do?"

position at the table

Hey, relax! You need not panic if you are in the early positions or sitting next to the blinds. Understanding the table scenario and the importance of positions will help you form your own best online poker strategy.

As per the online tips from the poker pros, playing too many hands from the early position is not good as you are not aware of the reactions of your opponents against your actions and they may raise or re-raise your bet. Whereas, being in a late position, near to the button is always advantageous as, by your turn, you will have already got an idea about your opponents and will get time to plan your strategy according to their actions on the table. So, play online poker keeping your position at the table in mind.

Smart Tip- Play fewer hands at early positions and more hands at late positions.


"Oh no! I am left with no money."

careful about your bankroll

Poker is a game of fun and people go crazy when they sit to play poker online in India. Their excitement reflects in their actions and their aggression. Playing aggressively is the best way to play poker online for them. But going with the flow and losing all your money is a common mistake that every novice player commits out of enthusiasm. They start to play with loose hands and show unnecessary aggression when it is not required. This has a direct impact on your bankroll as to bet continuously, you need chips and once you exhaust your chips stack, you go for a rebuy and again invest a huge amount in the game without proper evaluation and knowledge. This should be improved if you are longing to be a poker star.

A good poker player plays wisely without getting emotionally driven and uses his/her chips judiciously which is a key element of the online poker tournament strategy as well as the online poker cash games strategy.

Smart Tip- Place value bets and use your chips wisely.


"Don’t know how to play online poker?"


guidance or training

Learning a skill is always worth it. Poker is a skill game that needs to be learned under proper guidance or training. Any skill is learned and improved with regular practice and dedication towards it. Without learning online poker, you will not know how to win at poker and will always be an untrained player with limited knowledge of the game. So, just hit the felts when you are trained and ready to accept the challenges that come your way to be a professional poker player.

Learning poker is uncomplicated and smooth if you devote 100% to it and seek guidance from Acehigh poker guide which is the best online poker guide and also the best poker site in India.

Smart Tip- Play free online poker games on Acehigh to enhance your poker skills.

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