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table stakes putting a limit to your losses

Yes, poker does not only concern your winnings but also your losses. To put a full stop to your losses, the rule of table stakes has been introduced in the game. Once you become passionate about playing and winning in poker, harnessing you from putting all that you have at stake is necessary. For this, the rule of table stakes helps the players to put a limit to the amount to be invested in a hand in poker. The aim of poker is not to lead to the path of greed and devastation rather it is a fun game that is targeted to help you win real money online

Table stakes in poker define the limits of betting on a particular hand. According to the poker rules, the table stakes do not allow a player to bet an amount more than the value of the chips he/she had at the beginning of the hand. It means a player cannot rebuy or extend the chips stack during a hand. The idea of table stakes revolve around betting up to the limit of chips you have at the beginning of the hand. In case, you want to go all-in in poker, you cannot re-buy for the same hand. 

It is observed many times in poker that when you find a hand in your favor, you want to buy more chips to bet more and increase the profit but at the same time, you also feel helpless as you have to go by the table stake rules in poker which state that you are not allowed to bet over the number of chips you had at the beginning of the game. 

The prime goal of implying table stakes is to limit the losses of a player and save him from draining his/her money on a single hand. However, you can buy the chips or extend your stack in between hands but not during a hand. Table stakes also imply that the money which all the players have put before the beginning of the hand will stay on the table and will not be removed. 

Table stakes in poker limit the capacity of a player to buy the chips for a particular hand so as to stop him/her from incurring heavy losses. The rule says that a player has to bet within his/her capacity and not exceed it. Table stakes are really important in cash games and tournaments in online poker.


advantages of table stakes in poker
  • Table stakes limit the amount of risk that a player takes to win more money online in poker.
  • They help in cutting or reducing a player’s losses that can be incurred out of aggressive play strategy.
  • They help in protecting a player’s bankroll by playing with a small bankroll and increasing it to a large bankroll.
  • They bring all the players to the same level by not letting a higher capacity player extend more as and when he/she feels making other players feel inferior at the table. 

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