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check in poker

Online poker is a game that involves money, a right move on your turn can do wonders, whereas a wrong step here may cost you much more than expected. A novice player may call instead of check or raise instead of call, as a result, he/she will lose all the money contributed to the pot out of lack of knowledge. Thus, learning about each and every poker action in detail is imperative.

All poker actions have their own importance and relevance in the game. There are majorly four main betting actions that a can player take to fetch the pot money, and they are:

  • Betting
  • Calling
  • Checking
  • Folding


what is check in poker?

Check in poker is one of the poker actions that a player takes when all the players before him/her have taken the same action or have not opted for either betting or calling. This action simply means passing the turn as you do not find your cards worthy enough of betting or calling. Hence, this is a safe action that can secure you from putting money into the pot when it is not required. This action does not contribute any money to the pot as no bet is placed on this action.

Let’s understand it better with an example:

Let’s understand it better with an example: In Texas Holdem, when you are playing against 5 players and you are the fourth to act on the flop round, if the players before you have checked on the flop round, then only you can check on your turn. If the player at under-the-gun position places a bet and the player after him calls the bet, then you cannot check. In that scenario, you can either bet, call or fold but not check. This option is available to you unless you are at the big blind position on the pre-flop round.


when can a player check in poker?

A player can check in poker only when the players to the left of the player who is supposed to act have already checked on their turns and no betting, calling, or raising is done by those who are before that player. This action can also be used as a deceptive move against other players if the player chooses to first check and then raise the bet in a particular street. This poker action is also known as Check-Raise in poker.


what is check-raise in poker

Check-Raise in poker is a deceptive action that a player takes on a particular street to trick their opponents of first having a low hand, and later raising the bet to create a dilemma in the mind of the opponents. This is a very effective poker strategy that experienced poker players use to make their opponents fold. With this strategy, your opponents are unable to analyze your hands and thus it can prove to be profitable for you.


what is check-back in poker

Check Back in Poker is the situation where only two players are left after the flop round. Check back is the poker action that only a player in-position can take when his/her opponent checks him/her. In that scenario, the player in-position can check back to that player to know about the opponent’s strategy. There are many other reasons to check back a player after the flop round.


the verdict

Checking is considered to be a weak action in poker as this may show that the player is not holding strong cards and just waiting for a draw to improve his hand. However, some smart players use this to create pressure on their opponents by deliberately taking this action as a part of the deceptive poker strategy.

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