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Raise Poker


raise in poker

The hunger to achieve more and more never goes away, this is how basic human nature is. But, sometimes instead of getting more, we suffer to pay from our own pockets. It happens when your hunger turns into greed which is a curse that leads us to a negative pathway. The ones who have just begun to play poker online with us must learn to differentiate between raising and calling in poker as there is a slight difference between both, but that difference can save you from going towards the greed side. Let’s first know what is raise in poker.


what is raise in poker

Raise in poker is the action taken by any player at the table to increase the wager of the opening bet or the previous bet made by any opponent. When you choose to raise, you are adding the amount which must be more than that of the previous bet made by any player on your left side at the table. While checking, you match the amount of the previous bet made by any player before you. Raising is considered to be a part of aggressive-play strategy. You raise to add value to the pot on the current street.


types of raise in poker


It is a subsequent action of raising on a particular street after already making a raise. You take this action when you find your cards worth enough to bet. 

Check Raise

This is a poker strategy in which a player first checks on the street and then raises to trick the opponents.


raising versus calling in poker
  • Raising is increasing the size of the existing bet on a betting round. Whereas, calling is putting the same amount as that of the existing bet.
  • Raising is an aggressive play strategy while calling is a part of the safe and slow-play strategy.
  • Raising is generally done to show strength to your opponents, whereas, calling is a defense mechanism.
  • Raising is done when the player is confident about his/her hand, however, calling is done when the player doesn’t want to fold but plays further hands on the street with a hope that his/her hand could improve.


benefits of raising in poker

1. To Show Strength

Raising is majorly done in online poker games with the purpose of frightening your opponents by raising the value of the bet and showing the strength of your cards. A player who is playing aggressively may raise on every street which may make his/her opponents fold under pressure.

2. To Bluff

A smart player knows how to trick his/her opponents and win the battle. It is not possible to have a good hand every time, in case of a weak hand, a strong player would try to bluff his/her opponents by tricking them into possessing a strong hand which may make them fold.

3. To Defend

Although we all know that raising is an aggressive-play strategy, it may also be used as a defensive one at times in poker. Suppose, you are playing against a strong player, and you are not having a strong hand on the flop, knowing that there are two more rounds where the chances of improving a hand are there, then, in that case, you raise to keep up your image of being a strong player and to protect your hand.

4. To Knock Out Your Opponents

Raising is often done to reduce the competition at the table as your aggressive actions would force your opponents to fold at different streets, leaving the least number of competitors at the Showdown. This enhances your chances of winning the pot money in a game of poker.


some poker strategies to learn
  • Play fewer hands and be aggressive to them.
  • Fold in case you are unsure.
  • Go for Semi-bluff, in case you have outs to improve your hand.
  • Don’t limp by calling the big blind on the pre-flop, this will not benefit you.
  • Raise when you are sure of your hands.
  • Don’t play too aggressively to become an advantage for others.
  • Bet according to the value of the pot.
  • Analyze your opponents’ hands and bet accordingly.
  • Chase your big blinds with strong or premium hands.

Taking your game to the next level by knowing when to raise is what you should do as a good poker player. Use your aggression in the right manner to avoid losses. Learn how to play poker online with AceHigh Poker, India’s most trusted online poker platform. Start playing now by clicking on the 'Play Now' button and enjoy the world-class online poker cash games.