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Four of a Kind
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Hitting a four is quite easy in a cricket match! Well, it is not that easy to hit a four in poker but not impossible either. While all the players on the felts are dealt the poker cards, everyone wishes to get the highest cards and tries to make the best possible hand in a game of poker. Swearing to follow a particular poker strategy can be your favorite gameplay style, but the scenarios are never the same every time as you may not get a good hand all the time. To play like a pro, manipulating your opponents with your cards is what the game demands. So, employ your poker skills and techniques according to the cards you are dealt with.

Poker is always good to go if you know the art of making the best hand and to make the best hand, you must incorporate poker hand rankings knowledge in your game. From the different best hand rankings in poker, Four Of A Kind ranks third in the hierarchy. It is not stronger than a Straight Flush and Royal Flush but can beat other hand rankings on the list. Let’s understand this particular hand ranking in poker.


What is four of a kind in poker?

Four of a Kind or Quad is the third powerful hand on the list that comes after the Royal Flush and the Straight Flush. It is a family of five cards that possess four members of the same kind of rank and the fifth member is a random card of any rank known as the kicker. To understand it better look at the example here, 10 of spades, 10 of hearts, 10 of diamonds, 10 of clubs, and 8 is a perfect combination of Four of a Kind.
In this particular hand ranking, there are four cards of equal rank, that’s why it is called the Four of a Kind or Quads. All Aces of the four suits and any other card from the deck form the highest Quad.


four of a kind rules in poker

To hit a four of a kind on the table, you must know certain rules about this particular hand ranking.

  • A quad or four of a kind is ranked according to its quadruplet (four cards of the same rank) and then by the rank of the fifth card or the kicker
  • Suits play no role in this kind of hand ranking unless four of the community cards on the table are quadruplets and one of the hole cards announces a tie, then the kicker card with the highest card ranking will decide the winner. If the fifth card ranks equal, then the suit ranking of the cards will decide the winner.


possibilities of making four of a kind

There are 624 possibilities of having a quad while playing with a French deck of 52 cards. For Texas Holdem, we have calculated the following odds to make you aware of the chances of making a four of a kind in different betting rounds of the game.


0.02% when 5 cards are drawn at random from a deck of 52-cards.


0.25% when you have a pair.


2.12% when you have 1 ranked card in a flop.


2.17% when you have 1 ranked card on the board.

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