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one pair in poker

Do you feel empowered and lucky when you get a strong hand in poker? Of course, you do because ultimately the hand ranking of the poker cards is an enduring staple of the game. Once you sit to play at the table, you wish to get the best cards so that you can make the best combination out of them. If you are a beginner, you need to learn all online poker hand rankings and understand their importance as well. The players who have been playing this game for a long time already know how crucial it is to memorize the poker hand rankings.

Our poker guide helps you know about the ins and outs of poker rules, poker strategies, poker actions, poker hands, and poker hand rankings. This page will help you understand another poker hand ranking that is One Pair.


What is one pair in poker?

One Pair in poker is a poker hand that forms a combination of five cards in a way that two cards of equal rank make a pair and the remaining three cards are of three different ranks also known as the kickers. This hand ranks low in the list of the hand rankings, so it is not that valuable and the chances of winning with this hand are less. However, the chances of this rank being dealt to you are higher than the other ranks that are placed above this rank on the list.

J, J, 9, 8, 5 is the perfect combination of one pair or simply a pair in poker where the first two cards are a pair and the other cards are of different ranks. The suit of the cards is not required to be the same in this type of hand. Look at some more examples of this hand.

  • A, A, Q, 10, 8
  • K, K, A, J, 10
  • A, A, Q, J, 10
  • A, A, Q, J, 9
  • K, K, 10, 9, 5


One pair poker rules

If you are a beginner, then swearing by the poker rules will help you become a poker-ace in no time. Here are some of the one-pair poker rules that will help you navigate the pot even with the low-rank hand.

  • To have one pair hand, you must have a pair of equal ranked cards and the other three cards of different ranks.
  • Suits are of no relevance in one pair hand ranking.
  • This hand is ranked by first ranking the pairs and then the rank of the kickers are evaluated.
  • In the case of a tie, the rank of the kickers decides the winning hand.
  • This hand ranks above a High Card rank and below a Two Pairs in the hierarchy of the hand rankings.
  • A pair of pocket Aces with other rank cards is the highest possible hand of one pair in poker.
  • The pairs of face cards beat other pairs low in rank to them. For example, a pair of Aces will beat a pair of Kings, a pair of Kings will beat a pair of Queens, and so on.

Probability Of Getting One Pair Hand In Poker

The probability of getting one pair of hands in poker with 2860 distinct hands will be 42.2569%.


How to play one pair in poker?

In Texas Holdem, the value of the pair matters while playing one pair. If you are holding a small pocket pair, then you have more chances to win at the showdown against any overcard on the board. But remember to be cautious while holding a small pocket pair and raising the bets as they are vulnerable too.

If you are equipped with a high-value pocket pair like aces, and other face cards then you are probably ready to bombard at the showdown.
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