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Heads up Poker
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heads up poker

If taking challenges and risks is what gives you a thrill, and you love being on an adventurous ride then Heads Up Poker Tournament is your call. No matter how risky it is, you dare to welcome all the challenges to prove your poker skills at the table. This is the spirit that Heads Up poker tournament players display when two of them are left in the end.


what is heads-up poker

Heads up poker is a form of poker game that lets two poker giants compete with each other on a one-on-one basis when any poker tournament ends. The last two players who were at the same level at the end of a tournament challenge each other to win the previously agreed pot money. As the name of these tournaments suggests, the fight is between two heads, so these are also known as Head-to-Head poker tournaments.

It is an aggressive form of poker play that does not allow room for folding by any of the two competitors. Continuous betting is the essence of heads-up poker tournaments that makes the game more enthralling as both the players battle by the sweat of their brows to win the pot money.

Like any other poker game, the heads-up online poker tournaments are also played with a variety of poker variants. One of the most played of them is Texa Holdem poker. This form of the game can be played in any of the poker tournaments or cash games where only two players are remaining on the table. In poker tournaments like Sit and Go tournaments and other cash games, a phase comes where the single remaining player has to face another single remaining opponent in the end. There the Heads up poker challenge falls into place where two opponents compete with each other to claim all the pot money. The advantage of playing heads-up poker on multi-tables is that the players get lengthy breaks in between different playing sessions. So, players can utilize their time in planning for different strategies to beat his/her opponent.


play heads up poker tournaments
  • When playing heads-up poker, the rules do not change and remain the same as followed by the game format being played heads-up.
  • The key element to focus on in Heads up poker tournaments is that the blinds are reversed in order to reduce the positional advantage in the competitions between two same-skilled players.
  • In other forms of online poker games, the first betting round starts with the player who sits on the left of the big blind, and on other subsequent rounds of betting the small blinds bets first. This is the usual format of Texas Holdem poker game.
  • Whereas in heads-up poker tournaments, the dealer bets the small blind and the opponent places the big blinds. This way the blinds are reversed.
  • The blinds are reversed in this type of poker format in order to minimize biases and to give a positional advantage to both the players at the table.
  • This form of poker game encourages aggressive poker play strategy as the competition is fierce.
  • The competitors play with a wide range of hands as compared to the multi-hands poker play due to the fewer number of participants in the hands.
  • The chances of getting premium or strong hands are comparatively more in heads-up poker tournaments than in multi-hands poker games.
  • Bluffing is not suggested in this format of the online poker game as there are only two players at the table and bluff catching would be easier.


head up poker strategy
  1. Play loose with initial hands.
  2. Plan your strategy well in advance.
  3. Go for the heads-up poker tournaments if you are confident about your poker skills.
  4. Take aggressive actions to create pressure on your opponents.
  5. Make the most of your position.
  6. Play circumspectly when out of position.
  7. Play many hands from the position.
  8. Read your opponent’s mind and observe his/her actions.

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