Turn in Poker
Turn in Poker


turn in poker game

Turn! Turn to what? Turn to your tables and create the magic with another poker betting round. Yes, you heard it right! You are surely going to be a magician with your poker cards on the tables. We have set you off on the journey to becoming a poker omniscient. Once you become a poker omniscient, people will be your fan and they would want to follow your style of playing the game. Sounds interesting, right?! Just follow our simple poker guide and soon you will be an ace of the game.


What is turn in poker?

Players, as the poker game proceeds, we move to another level of the game where we keep betting with our poker hands. After the blinds, pre-flop, and flop, it’s the time for the Turn round to be commenced on the table.

Turn in poker is the second last betting round before the River round followed by the Blinds, the Pre-Flop, and the Flop rounds respectively. In this round, you can place your bet after the fourth community card is dealt on the table. This card is dealt face-up on the felts and might improve the hands of the remaining players in the game.

Turn round is very similar to the flop round and due to its similarity, it is considered to be in continuation to the flop round. The players may however be less until this round as many wise players decide to fold if their hand holdings were not strong enough.

When you have finally entered this round and seen the fourth community card, then you must first ask yourself some questions before heading towards any decision. These questions are-

Q. Does this card affect my or my opponent’s hand range?

Q Did the turn complete the draw?

Q. Did the turn bring in more potential draw?

Q. Is it a scary card?

All these questions help you evaluate the ‘pros and cons’ of the decision made in this round. You need to contemplate the situation and act accordingly. You may be in any of the following situations in the turn round.

  1. Continuing with a strong hand.
  2. Continuing with a bluff.
  3. Already called for a draw on the flop and you missed it.
  4. Already called with a mediocre poker hand.
  5. Already called for a draw on the flop and you hit it.

If you find yourself stuck in any of the above situations and face a dilemma of what to do and what not to do, then we suggest you follow the below-aligned poker strategies in turn round.

1. Follow Your Flop Plan

Once you have played the flop round confidently, then it is time to continue with the same plan (whether a call, check, raise, or bluff) if your hand remains the same. This will help you sustain the pressure on your opponent and may force him to fold.


If your opponent’s hand is improved in this round and he/she raises the bet then you can simply show your wisdom by folding and not taking too much risk.

However, some players may take a chance to bluff and show their strength to their opponents. This trick may work if you keep going with the same confidence and making your opponents realize that you have a better hand and this might push them towards the fold option.

2. Continue Betting With A Big Hand

If your hand in the turn round has improved, then you can continue to take any of these actions – call, raise or re-raise.

3. Bet Scary Cards Against Weak Players

A scary card is a card that helps players in the turn round to complete the draw or to improve their hands. It can turn a player’s best hand into the worst hand and vice-versa for the opponents, making you fold. So, it is always advised to bet scary cards against weak players.

4. Bet Non-Scary Cards Against Mediocre Players

We suggest you bet a non-scary card against mediocre players.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Give Up

When you know that your hand has neither improved nor has the potential to sustain in the battle for another betting round, then you should give up in the turn round.

We hope these strategies will help you flourish in the game and make some real money in poker. At Acehigh Poker, we turn your hobby of playing poker into passion and play all varieties of poker like a professional poker player. So, hit the ‘Play Now’ and have fun!