Multi Table Poker Tournament
Multi Table Poker Tournament
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multi table poker tournament

Well-versed with poker cash games? Why not try your hand in multi-table poker tournaments?

Playing poker on a single table in online poker cash games is fun. The players who have been a part of the poker world for a long time and have multiplied their poker skills manifolds can take their poker game to the next level by opting to play the tournaments.


what are multi table poker tournaments

Multi-table poker tournaments are the most played tournaments across the globe. They are played on many tables at the same time by several players who compete against each other to reach the final table. Multi-table tournaments are also known as MTTs. Every table comprises nine to ten players who exhibit their poker talent against each other. These kinds of tournaments are generally played with high-stakes tables. Among a variety of poker variants, MTTs are played mostly with the Texas Holdem variant of poker as it is the most famous among all the poker variants played in the world.


play online poker tournaments


Being a part of a poker tournament is a long haul that may take it to your nerves at times to reach the final destination. Your patience is being tested at all levels in the tournament, if you stay calm and make your decisions patiently then you will be rewarded with high returns in the end. 


As a good poker player, you need to cross all the hurdles that come your way to success and make your best efforts to take your game to the zenith. So, perseverance is one such aspect of a poker tournament player that can reap good results. 


It is the most important quality that a player has to exhibit while being a part of multi-table tournaments. If you play aggressively leading to the draining of the entire chips stack, then your game is over and you will repent for it later. So, it is always better to play the game with discipline where you play strategically and make the right decisions.


multi table tournaments rules
  • Multi-table tournaments are announced well before the date of commencement.
  • There is always an entry fee charged by all online poker platforms to take part in the tournaments.
  • The entry fee charged by them generally amounts to 10% of the total buy-in value.
  • A multi-table tournament comprises multiple tables where different players compete to win the final pot money.
  • In multi-table tournaments, players need to buy chips depending upon the format of the game (Limit Holdem, No-Limit Holdem, Fixed-Limit Holdem).
  • All the players taking part in the tournaments are given an equal amount of playing chips.
  • There can be as many as nine to ten players on a table who can play online poker tournaments.
  • There is no maximum limit of players who can take part in the entire tournament.
  • After making a buy-in, the players are allotted their seats at different tables.
  • Once the game begins at different tables, the players can start deploying their strategies and different playing styles (tight, loose, passive, aggressive).
  • The players who lose their entire chips’ stack are eliminated from the game.
  • The remaining players at the table compete with each other to win the prize pool.
  • The players left after the places open-up in the game and the number of players reduces, compete with each other at merged tables to win the final jackpot.
  • The button is decided by the high card and one face-up card is dealt to the players at the table.


multi table tournament poker strategy

Multi-table poker tournaments are highly competitive and challenging in nature as only the top 10% of the total number of players are rewarded typically depending upon the structure of payouts and tournaments. However, it may sometimes be more for some tournaments of this kind. Now, the important question that comes up in the mind of a player before participating in the multi-table tournaments is “what poker strategy should I go by to beat my opponents and achieve the pot”? So, dearies, the answer to this question is to follow our simple poker tournament tips and strategies and incorporate them in your poker play to be the ace of the game.

Eliminate Your Competitors

Every player who comes to play at the tournament must not be a pro player. If you are an advanced player, you can easily identify who all are not in your competition. That means who is weak against you. This important step can help you eliminate a number of your competitors from the tournament, making it easy for you to reach the pot. So, hunt for weak players and take over the game.

Play Tight

If you are trying to show your aggression initially in the game by making many raises at the antes, then you are definitely not a smart player. You may end up losing all your money with this amateur strategy in Multi-table tournaments in poker. So, sticking to tighter hands in the initial rounds will help you in the long run and you can survive up to later stages in the tournament. If you are not sure about your hand then folding is the wisest decision to take.

Don’t Let Your Opponents Feel Free

To survive in the game of poker, you need to think of various strategies to knock your opponents out of the game. One of them may be to pressurize your opponents by making them feel inferior or weak in front of you and hence leading them to make wrong decisions. This is a powerful strategy that can help reduce the number of players at the tables in MTTs. You can do this by bluffing them, or raising valuable hands. If you win small pots, then you definitely imprint a perception about yourself that you have the will to make it to the bigger one and this may make them give up.

Change Your Mindset As Per The Need

While playing in a tournament, you need not play with the same mindset or strategy all along with the game, but shifting your mind as per the need of the table is what MTTs demands. If you were earlier playing aggressively at a table and got successful, then shifting your mindset according to the poker moves of your opponents, your chip stack is what you should do while playing at a different table after that.

Set Your Goal to Grab The Final Pot

If you come to play the MTT just to see the scenario and how the players play there, then you are not concerned with the prize money. If you are a serious poker player, your eyes must be on the final prize money and you will leave no stone unturned to grab the final jackpot. Always have a winner’s spirit when going to play at such big tournaments in poker. Your decisions at the table can make you or break you, so remember to make the right move with the right poker. There is no U-turn in the game which can get your lost money back if you take stupid decisions at the tables.

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