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Satellite Poker Tournaments
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satellite poker tournaments

The Door To Your Dreams Is Here!

The poker cards are magical and their games open up the doors to your dreams. Wondering how? Let us explain this with an example.

Suppose, you are a middle-class person with a nominal bankroll and you always dream of having a luxurious car, but obviously your bankroll does not allow you to buy one, and you just feel helpless in that case. One day you visit your favorite car showroom just to enquire about the price of the car, where the owner, on figuring out your inability to buy the car, gives you an offer that he could give you a chance to win the car if you win the car race at the contest to be held soon. The ray of hope gleamed in your eyes and you accepted that offer with the hope that your dream would come true.

Let’s get back to poker now, where the Satellite poker tournaments give you the chance to take part in the bigger tournaments and win massive rewards. So, if you always dream of being a part of the big poker tournaments, your wait is over. Let’s understand Satellite poker tournaments in detail.


what are satellite poker tournaments

The satellite poker tournaments give an opportunity to achieve bigger by giving an entry to the bigger tournaments. They are also known as the gateway to your poker dreams. These poker tournaments are designed especially for those who do not have enough bankroll but definitely possess the art of creating magic with poker cards. These online poker tournaments are aimed to provide equal opportunities to people with a low bankroll. The name suggests that these tournaments act as satellites to the bigger tournaments by supplying the skilled players and making the competition tough for all the players.

The format of this kind of tournament is to give away the entry ticket to bigger tourneys instead of cash money as winning rewards. So, the main core of this kind of poker tournament is to give those a chance to compete at bigger tournaments who are not equipped with the heavy bankroll that is required if they are going to participate in a big poker tournament.

The advantage of playing at satellite poker tournaments is that by investing a small amount of money, you can get a chance to win unexpectedly high bankrolls as happened with the world-famous poker player Chris Bryan Moneymaker. He invested a sum of 39$ in a Satellite Tournament and won 2.5 million dollars at a big tournament followed by it in the World Series of Poker in 2003. This example is worth mentioning and inspirational for those who think they cannot compete against the high bankroll competitors.

We have already told you that poker fulfills all your needs and demands of poker play. It is one game that has numerous variants that are played all across the globe. The players who get experienced in poker cash games prefer to switch to online poker tournaments to take their game to the next level. The level of competition in poker tournaments is higher as compared to the poker cash games.


satellite poker tournaments strategies

Every poker game is played with a well-planned poker strategy otherwise your bankroll may reduce unexpectedly. Here are some tips that may help you perform well in the game and fetch the pool prize money.

1. Know How Many Entries Can Be Won

Before depositing the entry fees and making the final buy-in, you should have the knowledge of how many entries there are that can be won by taking part in the online Satellite poker tournament. This is important to know for all the poker players. If the entries in a satellite poker tournament are very few, then go for the buy-in if you're confident about your poker play, and in case you are not then you may end up losing your money. So take the decision wisely.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Bigger Target

While participating in a satellite poker tournament, you should keep in mind that you are playing to achieve a bigger target or for winning an entry ticket to a bigger tournament. So, play accordingly and keep your eyes on the big target.

3. Play With More Number Of Seats

Playing satellite tournaments with more seats may help you win the ticket to the bigger tournament as there are more chances of winning and improving the odds.


be ready to take risks

Taking risks is a part and parcel of a poker game, however in poker tournaments, the game takes twists and turns and can swing drastically and move rapidly from up to down. This usually happens in turbo or super turbo poker tournaments. So, never be afraid to take challenges that come your way and be dedicated to winning the pot money.

Live your dreams with online Satellite poker tournaments and set examples for others. Follow your poker passion to become a professional poker player and give wings to your poker dreams. Satellite poker tournaments give you a chance to increase your bankroll manifolds. So, why worry about your small bankroll, now? Just click on the 'Play Now' button and fulfill your dreams with AceHigh Poker, India’s best online poker website.