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Sit & Go Tournaments
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sit go tournaments

Crazy about poker tournaments, but don’t have long hours to devote to your play? No worries, the poker world has everything customized as per your needs and demands. You just have to choose the right poker game variant that suits you. Sit and Go tournaments are great to play in less time as this type of poker game format offers the players to play the game, and win real money online in less than an hour.


what are sit & go poker tournaments

Sit and Go poker tournaments are generally single-table online poker tournaments that are designed to give players the opportunity to win more in less time. They are also known as SNG tournaments. They are generally played at high-stakes tables. There is no scheduled time to start these kinds of poker tournaments, they can be played at any time. The SNG tournaments get started whenever the required number of players register for the same. They are mini poker tournaments that accommodate 6 to 10 players at a single table.

These days, SNG tournaments are played in a multi-table format on many online poker websites which are more time-consuming than any other Multi-table poker tournaments. Sit and Go poker tournaments are good for beginners who want to play online with real cash and get familiar with tournaments’ format. These kinds of poker tournaments are played with various poker variants out of which Texas Holdem is the most played of all. SNGs are played aggressively as blinds go high frequently.


sit and go online poker tournaments rules

Every poker game has its own set of rules and style of playing. Most of the beginners without getting proper knowledge of the poker game rules start to play with real cash which can prove to be a terrible mistake. So, letting you get familiar with the rules of Sit and Go poker tournaments is also important.

  • The SNG tourneys are played after paying a registration fee to the online poker website you are playing at.
  • Once you get registered at the website, you need to pay a buy-in amount to purchase the chips that will help you play the online game with real money at the table.
  • There are generally 9 to 10 players at a poker table in SNG tournaments.
  • The chips given to all the players are prefixed and the same for all the players who take part in the tournament.
  • There is no re-buy when you play poker online in India.
  • The basic rule of the game is that as soon as you run out of chips, you are out of the game.
  • The tournament starts as soon as there are enough members to play the game.
  • SNG tournaments last for less than an hour and are quicker than other types of poker tournaments.
  • The game can be carried out in both single-table and multi-table formats.
  • In the case of multi-table SNG tournaments, shifting of tables can be done anytime to maintain the balance at the tables.
  • The players will be seated at random positions and the dealer button is positioned at the table after conducting a draw.
  • The rules for raises are announced before the beginning of the tournament.
  • The pool prize will be given to the players who are left at the table at the end.
  • In a 6 player game format, the prize is divided between two players left in the end in the ratio of 60:40 or 70:30 of the total value of the pot.
  • In a 9 player game format, the prize money is divided among the last three players in the ratio of 50:30:20 of the total pot value. However, it may differ for different poker websites.
  • No re-buys are allowed in between the tournaments. Only the chips that you bought before the commencement of the game are allowed to play with.


sit and go online poker tournaments strategies

1. Understand the Table Dynamics

Understand the Table Dynamics While playing at an SNG tournament, keep in mind that every table has different types of players with different psyche and playing styles. Try to understand the mindsets of your opponents at the table and take the action accordingly. Look out for the amateur players at the table who take aggressive actions that prove to be beneficial for you.

2. Do Not Get Carried Away

Poker does not only involve real money but also the emotions of the players in the game. As a beginner, you may get carried away and play loose hands aggressively and give a chance to your opponents to take advantage of that. Always play by keeping your bankroll in consideration and not avoiding it completely out of your emotions.

3. Wait for the Right Time

Going crazy at the beginning of the game is sheer stupidity. Initially, as a smart poker player, you should observe the game of others and wait for the right time to take the right action. Observing the game of others helps you in making the right decision. Play tightly in the beginning and provoke your amateur opponents to take the wrong actions which are rewarding for you.

4. Keep Your Chip Stack Into Consideration

A very simple rule in poker SNG tournaments is that as soon as you exhaust the limit of your chip stack, you are not allowed to sustain the competition anymore. So, bet keeping the bankroll and chip stack into consideration. Betting with many chips, in the beginning, is not suggested.

Poker tournaments are interesting if you play strategically and patiently. Initially, it takes you some time to understand the rules of online poker tournaments, but once you start playing, you will gradually recognize all game formats and rules, and you would want to try a variety of poker games. You can start living your poker passion right now by clicking the 'Play Now' button on India's best online poker website. Try your fortune with Ace High Poker and win big every day.